2 BLUELIFT models for Austria

Compact, versatile, maneuverable, and easy to handle. These attributes characterize our innovative BLUELIFT track-drive work platforms. In addition to the optimum performance capabilities, these features have also captivated Austrian equipment rental company, Der Grüne Kurt Micheluzzi GmbH & Co. KG.

The company has just added two BLUELIFT models – an SA 18 and SA 22 – to its rental lineup.


*With an optimum mix of technical features and excellent performance capabilities, Micheluzzi's BLUELIFT models were able to carry out their first job assignments – repairs on a house façade – without any degree of difficulty. Our BLUELIFT models can easily be transported with trailers or vans. There are a variety of different trailer models to choose from. We have the right trailer for BLUELIFT and for your own individual towing vehicle.
*Our BLUELIFT tracked access platforms are ideal for assignments in cramped/tight conditions. The BLUELIFT SA 18 and the SA 22 are highly-efficient and easy to use. They are the perfect all-round solution for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.


General Manager, Christian Micheluzzi, comments on his purchase decision:


“Our family-run business has been active in Austria (Voralberg) for over 100 years. Initially, we focused solely on our painting and renovation business. In 1975, we began renting out. RUTHMANN aerial work platforms.

Since then, our fleet of professional height access equipment has continuously grown. RUTHMANN has always helped us with our purchase decisions.

The BLUELIFT SA 18 and SA 22, that we have now added to our rental lineup, are performing exactly as expected.
Both models score top marks for their enormous lateral outreach – the SA 18 with 9.3 m and the SA 22 with 10.9 m. Obstacles, such as awnings and roof projections/ridges, can quickly be overcome. Both models are extremely compact. The SA 18 has a minimum width of 0.78 m, height of just 1.99 m, and total length of only 3.75 m, while the SA 22 features a minimum width of 0.94 m, height of just 1.97 m, and length of only 4.52 m. The compact overall dimensions are a huge advantage when maneuvering through narrow entrances and doorways.

In addition to the excellent technical features, RUTHMANN provides fast and efficient service that customers can rely on.”


To learn more about our long-time Austrian customer – Der Grüne Kurt Micheluzzi GmbH & Co. KG – visit www.dergruene.at

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* Photo-Source (Der Grüne Kurt Micheluzzi GmbH & Co. KG)