EUROGRUAS ALGECIRAS is a leader in the southern Spanish market for cranes and access technologies. The company disposes of a large fleet of mobile and crawler cranes up to 800 tons as well as numerous working platforms for the industrial sector. Now, EUROGRUAS ALGECIRAS is also continuously expanding its truck-mounted working platform fleet: most recently with a RUTHMANNSTEIGER® T 750 HF.

The key for the new STEIGER® was ceremoniously handed over to Eurogruas by AMCO. From left to right: Jose Luis Barea de Castro (Head of Sales), Isabel Leandro (CFO Eurogruas Algeciras), Javier Sato (CEO Eurogruas Algeciras), Bert Wiegel (CEO AMCO Machinery & Consulting), Jose Antonio Pérez (COO Eurogruas Algeciras)Download

The RUTHMANNSTEIGER® T 750 HF will be used in Spain mainly for industrial plants, renewable energies as well as power production, but also for events.

Javier Sato, Managing Director of EUROGRUAS ALGECIRAS, explains: “We decided to buy a RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 750 HF because we want to offer our customers the most powerful product of the market, stability and safety on the working object, ergonomic handling and flexibility unrivalled in this market segment.”

“The T 750 HF has a maximum working height of 75 meters, a basket capacity of 600 kilograms and an efficient working diagram with a lateral outreach of 41 meters. Thanks to the DRS system, up to 4 additional meters can be gained up in comparison to the standard diagram“, adds Operation Manager José Antonio Perez.

The RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 750 HF now completes the Eurogruas fleet. Download

In order to achieve a maximum flexibility at work site, the T 750 HF scores points with its HighFlex system offering a basket rotation angle of 440 degrees and 220 degrees for the RÜSSEL® so that works can be carried out e.g. also behind projecting edges.

The T 750 HF is additionally equipped with the optional “Dynamic Reach System” (DRS) optimizing capacity and outreach in real time under different working conditions. The machine thus always achieves the current maximum possible operating data. The DRS system also enables the preselection of the wind speed, the maximum ground pressure and the basket capacity - if e.g. a load has to be taken at great heights.

The DRS ensures safe operation with the maximum possible operating data even under difficult working conditions, e.g. on soils with a low load capacity or in wind farms with high wind speeds.

The extensive consultation provided by AMCO Machinery & Consulting – RUTHMANN’s Sales & Service partner in Spain – has created a great added value for EUROGRUAS ALGECIRAS. Thanks to the DRS and the configuration of the customer-specific equipment, the utilisation rate of the machine is increased - it can be used almost daily and in adverse conditions.

As usual at RUTHMANN, the engineers of AMCO Machinery & Consulting also carried out extensive trainings relating to the key aspects of the machine such as machine operation, safety and maintenance after the delivery of the STEIGER®. “The operators showed a great interest and learned quickly how to operate the T 750 HF. They are real pros”, explains Bert Wiegel, CEO of AMCO Machinery & Consulting. “As usual we have transmitted and trained tips and tricks as well as examples of “Best Practice” in different sectors and applications in addition to the standard training.”

With this latest investment, EUROGRUAS ALGECIRAS offers a large and complete portfolio and reinforces its position as leading company in southern Spain for services relating to crane rental, access technologies and special transport. Based on the use of state-of-the-art technologies and continuous investment in staff and equipment, EUROGRUAS guarantees its customers the best and most efficient service with the highest quality and safety level. José Luis Barea de Castro, Sales Manager at EUROGRUAS, concludes: “Despite COVID, we, at EUROGRUAS ALGECIRAS, continue to invest in state-of-the-art technologies such as this Ruthmann Steiger® T 750 HF in order to continue to offer our customers the best possible service.”