New SERVICEpoint Nancy, France

Right now, RUTHMANN is able to serve its service customers in France even faster and more cost-efficiently. In addition to the SERVICEpoints in Rethel and Nantes established for years, RUTHMANN is currently setting up a new SERVICEpoint in Nancy.

The reasons for this third SERVICEpoint were quite obvious: A high capacity usage of the existing SERVICEpoints and partially long travel distances.

The division of the previous areas remain for a large extent unchanged. Emmanuel Hogrel continues to operate primarily in the West and Hubert Harpin in Northern France.


At the beginning of 2020 - New RUTHMANN SERVICEpoint in Nancy

RUTHMANN employee, Adrien Adams, takes over the third  SERVICEpoint in Nancy at the beginning of 2020 and covers herewith Eastern France. He has many years of service experience in the range of truck-mounted aerial platforms. With the launch of the new SERVICEpoint, he will optimally be able to respond to the customer requests relating to RUTHMANNSERVICE. Everything of course true to the motto: Friendliness, reliability and customer orientation!

All SERVICEpoints are coordinated and managed by the RUTHMANN Service employee Oualid Rekik from the main plant in Gescher. Furthermore, Mr. Rekik is also the contact person for direct support by phone and spare-parts orders.


Adrien Adams - New RUTHMANN contact person at the mobile SERVICEpoint in Nancy