BLUELIFT SA 31 – RUTHMANN’s top model of the tracked spider lifts series celebrates its premiere


Through the new BLUELIFT SA 31, RUTHMANN creates a tracked spider lift for specifically inaccessible working places and likewise suitable for everyday life. The SA 31 can be positioned in the segment of the 30-meter high tracked spider lifts primarily on account of its compact dimensions and newly developed functions. Fields of applications for the SA 31 are e.g. tree-pruning, industrial cleaning (e.g. in backyards), in indoor and outdoor areas which generally are difficult to access (shopping centres, exhibition halls) and moreover in a wide range of industrial applications (assembly project, observations). RUTHMANN satisfies with the SA 31 the researched needs of the customers and operators. 

Ruthmann Bluelift SA 31
The new SA 31 model was added to the product line at the recently held Intermat 2018 trade show in Paris. Up to 31 meters working height and maximal 17,3 meters outreach (at 120 kg) are at the disposal of the operator.

Special features and advantages of the BLUELIFT SA 31 are top performance data in combination with the probably world’s most compact dimensions in basic position. Up to 31 meters working height and maximal 17,3 meters outreach (at 120 kg) are at the disposal of the operator. Regarding this new development, the clearance width of 1 meter should especially be emphasized. In combination with a clearance height less than 2 meters, the tracked spider lift can easily pass through each single-leaf industrial door.  This is totally unique as the competitors always need a double-leaf door. Due to its important manoeuvrability resulting from the short overall length of only 5,75 m, the SA 31 offers a high advantage regarding usage in winding and inaccessible spaces.

The easy-to-handle BLUELIFT SA 31 was built as a universal solution for a wide range of applications in indoor and outdoor areas. Hereby we did not save important equipment features for the day-to-day use. Thus, a movable jib boom as well as a cage rotating device ensures a secure handling at working place.   

The SA 31 offers e.g. the automatic positioning system and asymmetrical types of stabilisation in the standard version. In case of confined spaces, the machine can be stabilized in a narrow space. The BLUELIFT SA 31 needs a minimal stabilization surface of 3 m x 5,99 m. Depending on the type of stabilisation and of the cage load, the RUTHMANN control technology makes the maximal and safe performance data available.

The low net weight of only 4.700 kg ensures further positive aspects: First a very low ground pressure in driving mode over the rubber tracks which is advantageous both when using the aerial platform on sensitive or pressure-limited grounds and on rough terrains.  On the other hand, the load point of the stabilizers or the surface pressure under the stabilizers resp. reduces in operational use. The „foot plates“ newly developed for the BLUELIFT SA 31 are a further guarantee of a safe working  at low supporting pressures.


Last-but-not-least, this low net weight also enables the transport of the tracked spider lift on a 7,5 t customary truck.

The aluminium working cage can quickly and easily be removed from the boom by means of the well-known simple and tool-free dismounting procedure (quick lock). This results in the market-leading clearance width and overall length. The working cage has a large dimension of 1,3 m x 0,7 m x 1,1 m. The maximal cage load of 250 kg enables two persons with tools and material to work comfortably in the working cage equipped in series with an electric supply line of 230 V.

Ruthmann Bluelift SA 31
New foot-plates - further guarantee of a safe working at low supporting pressures

Different types of drive systems for noise-free and emission-free use

The BLUELIFT SA 31 is driven in series by means of the patented „i-Performing“ 230 V electric motor driven itself through a powerful diesel aggregate with automatic start/stop system. If desired, the customers can choose another drive system. Typical for BLUELIFT, a hybrid drive or a lithium battery drive are alternatively available. The RUTHMANN tracked spider lifts are able to work continuously 6 up to 8 hours with one battery charge. This is a crucial competitive advantage as the worldwide demand focusses more and more on emission-free operations.

A conscious decision in favour of articulated telescope

In comparison with a simple telescopic boom, an articulated telescope boasts a higher net weight. As manufacturer of tracked spider lifts, RUTHMANN deliberately places its trust in the construction of articulated telescopes in order to achieve numerous benefits relating to transport and operating situations, e.g. an ideal access situation and a positioning in confined or inaccessible spaces.

Complex standard equipment

As the other BLUELIFT models, the SA 31 possesses a complex standard equipment. E.g. the width of the rubber track chassis can hydraulically be adjusted. Furthermore, an alarm system ensures interruption if the tracked spider lift is moved too obliquely on a slope. The rubber track platform can be displaced with jib boom raised which is important for loading or for reaching objects on slope. The market-leading and easy-to-handle Hetronic remote control as well as other features also belongs to the standard equipment.

Optionally, the BUELIFT SA 31can be equipped with the Secondary Guarding System. This feature is an optional safety system protecting the operator against entrapment and pinching. Further information on:

The worldwide network of sales & service partners ensures the best availability and sustainability of the after-sales service with regard to support, maintenance and spare parts supply.


To sum up, the new BLUELIFT SA 31offers impressive performances regarding working height and outreach whereby it is at once light, compact due to its articulated telescope, agile and flexible.  Therefore, it is likewise qualified for specifically inaccessible working places and it distinguishes itself as a complete tracked spider lift for everyday life and for each operating purpose and working place.