Key points at a glance:

  • New in ECOLINE program: latest propulsion technology now also available in the “low budget” segment
  • Hybrid technology available for ECOLINE 160 and 180 models
  • Mounted on 3.5 t Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chassis with EURO 6 and other chassis
  • multi-chassis compatibility

Truck-mounted aerial work platforms (boom trucks) are often used on assignments in high-density areas (e.g. inner-cities, parks, etc.). Passersby often complain about the noise and exhaust emissions from running engines, which are normally used to power the work platform. The new ECOLINE hybrid drive models – with 16 m and 18 m working heights – now offer quiet, CO2-free and emission-free operation.

Ruthmann ECOLINE 180 Hybrid
The ECOLINE 180 Hybrid on an inner-city assignment: versatile, noise-free, odor-free, and emission-free operation.
Ruthmann Hybrid Logo
The stand-alone logo of the newly- developed product line with hybrid and electric drive: "orange is the new green.”
Ruthmann ECOLINE 180 - Hybrid
The "heart" of the work platform: the lithium-ion battery (48 V 90 Ah) also popular in the BLUELIFT series.
Ruthmann ECOLINE 180 - Hybrid
RUTHMANN only installs "genuine" hybrid drive systems on its work platforms.
Bedienung der Hebel am EASY Stabilizing System
Operating the levers of the “EASY Stabilizing System.”
Ruthmann Secondary Guarding System
The “Secondary Guarding System” prevents operators from becoming entrapped.

While developing the ECOLINE Hybrid Drive technology, the well-known work platform manufacturer – RUTHMANN – made certain that it was not designing a pseudo hybrid system. The result: a genuine hybrid-drive system for ECOLINE truck platforms. The battery of the hybrid-drive is charged while the truck is driven to and from the job site. The battery then continues to be charged during operation, thanks to the integrated charging device.

With this development, RUTHMANN addresses the growing market demand for alternative power sources at an affordable price. Assignments can be carried out very quietly with no exhaust or CO2 emissions whatsoever. The battery has a 6 to 8-hour capacity – enough for all-day operation at the job site. It is therefore 100% suitable for everyday use.

As the first buyer of the new hybrid model, Christian Gerken – Managing Director of Gerken GmbH – had the opportunity to test drive the Ecoline 180 even before it premiered at the Platformers' Days trade show. "I am impressed with the fast and flawless technology”, Mr. Gerken stated after his test drive on his company’s premises in Düsseldorf. “There is no noticeable difference in movements between the hybrid and conventional drive system.”

This new ECOLINE development is a reflection of RUTHMANN's increased emphasis on environmental impact reduction, for which RUTHMANN has even developed its own logo. The motto, "orange is the new green,” lets market participants know that the company is developing products that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly (green), yet still practical. The orange stands for time-tested RUTHMANN quality.

The latest lithium-ion battery technology – found on RUTHMANN’s BLUELIFT tracked-drive (spider lift) models for years – is now also available in the thrifty, "low budget" ECOLINE series.

ECOLINE 180 and 160 hybrid-drive models feature EURO 6, 3.5-t GVW* chassis made by a variety of different manufacturers. Sufficient payload capacity is guaranteed despite the relatively-heavy battery pack.

*gross vehicle weight

The performance capabilities of the ECOLINE 180 Hybrid have remained virtually unchanged. A working height of 18 m, lateral outreach of 9.5 m, and generous basket load capacity of 250 kg enable the truck-mounted aerial work platform to carry out a wide variety of different tasks. Painting assignments, building façade cleaning/maintenance, installation work, and pruning/tree-cutting projects can easily be completed in the safest way imaginable.

Additional features also optionally available include the patented "EASY Stabilizing System" and "Secondary Guarding System" – to prevent serious entrapment/crushing injuries at the job site. For more information, visit:

RUTHMANN also has the best after-sales service for all access platforms in the industry. The company’s comprehensive network of service centers and mobile workshops (Servicepoints) are unmatched in the "low budget" sector. Spare parts are stored in the central warehouse of RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG in Germany (Gescher Hochmoor). This guarantees customers optimum availability.

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