RUTHMANN is going one step further: 300 kg working cage load on 3.5 t

The new RUTHMANN STEIGER® TB 300 convinces with its working height of 30 m and its outreach of 17.1 m on a 3.5 t chassis. From now on, it can be equipped with the new 300 kg working cage offering space for up to 3 persons.

With the new TB/TBR range presented for the first time during the bauma 2019, RUTHMANN has underlined its innovative power and made the maximum of the 3.5 t range. The STEIGER® TB 300 reaches a working height of 30 m and a maximum outreach of 17.1 m. But there is more to it than that: As exclusive optional extra, the new models are now available with a working cage load of 300 kg and an extra wide working cage.

 “Depending on the use, it must sometimes be a little bit more. Several customers want a higher working cage load and more space in the working cage”, describes Uwe Strotmann, General Director of Sales at RUTHMANN, the requirements of his customers.

The company has risen to the challenge and has developed a working cage with a load of 300 kg. For this purpose, a new cage console including a seat for the load cell has been designed and evaluated. Anyone who needs more than the standard 250 kg can upgrade his new STEIGER® TB/TBR with the 300 kg working cage with maximum stability and safety.

As further optional extra, the new working cage can be ordered in extra wide dimensions. Thanks to its width of 1.60 m, the new developed working cage offers space for 3 persons.

300 kg Arbeitskorb für RUTHMANN STEIGER der neuen TB-/TBR-Baureihe
The new cage console enables up to 300 kg working cage load for the new TB/TBR range.
Extra breiter Arbeitskorb
The extra wide working cage offers with its width of 1.60 m space for 3 persons.