Shorter vehicle length, higher outreach - the new RUTHMANN 30 m STEIGER® T 300 XS

On 23 June 2021, RUTHMANN presented the compact STEIGER® T 300 XS with 30 meters working height to its customers and interested participants in an online presentation announcing herewith its market launch. With a length of 7.59 m, the new working platform is more than 60 centimetres shorter than the actual T 300 and therefore the more compact 30 meter machine on a 7.49 t chassis on the market. The new STEIGER® T 300 XS achieves 23 meters outreach - a full 2 meters more as its predecessor. 

The new RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 300 XS - Xtra Short - Xtra Leistung
The new RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 300 XS was presented for the first time in an online presentation

Thanks to the shorter overall length and reduced rear overhang, the STEIGER® T 300 XS can be used even more safely in urban spaces. Thanks to the higher outreach, it covers a wider application range without having to move the working platform. This makes the new RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 300 XS interesting for several fields of applications from building cleaning to tree pruning. Further interesting application possibilities result from the increased basket load of now even 350 kg combined with the particularly high outreach.

Das Teleskop, Unterbau und die Turmeinheit des T 300 XS wurden von RUTHMANN neu konstruiert. Ziel: die hohe Reichweite von 23 Metern mit erhöhter Korblast von 350 kg.
The telescope, the substructure and the turret unit of the T 300 XS have been redesigned by RUTHMANN. Objective: the high outreach of 23 meters with increased basket load of 350 kg. Download

Compact telescope for a shorter vehicle overall length 

The RUTHMANN engineers were able to reduce the length of the retracted telescope by 60 centimetres in the redesign. This was made possible by an optimised and more stable boom profile as well as the more compact boom heads of STEIGER® T 300 XS  which have already proven themselves in a similar form on the RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 900 HF. For the first time, two telescopic cylinders are now used in the high-strength fine-grained steel construction to extend the telescope. Through this, the telescope profile has further been optimised. Likewise, the energy chain of the STEIGER® T 300 XS  runs inside the telescope on top of the boom extensions leading to a more compact structural shape of the telescope and to a high ease of maintenance. 

Durch die Trägerköpfe konnte das zusammengeschobene Teleskop um 60 Zentimeter verkürzt werden, um die kompakte Fahrzeuglänge von nur 7,59 Metern zu erreichen.
The new turret construction of the T 300 XS offers a further particularity. Due to the new geometrical shape, the weight could be further optimised and the stability increased.  Thanks to the boom heads, the retracted telescope has been reduced by 60 centimetres to achieve the compact vehicle length of only 7.59 m. Download

Stable base frame enables extraordinary performance 

Thanks to the shorter, completely redesigned base frame, the chassis has also been shortened accordingly. RUTHMANN relies here on jack boxes and turret tube made of high-strength fine-grained steel in order to achieve a high torsion resistance and maximum performance data

Comfortable jack control stand with monitor at eye level 

The STEIGER® T 300 XS offers great features also “on the ground”. The new jack control stand, which is still very popular in the TB/TBR range, is used as standard for the first time in the T range. The new control stand is optimally integrated on the chassis at eye level and offers in addition to the reliable stabilization types and comfort functions a practicable stabilisation of the machine from the vehicle at all times. Clear and well recognisable switches that can change their colours, never leave the machine operator in the dark. 

Die bewährte Stützensteuerung aus der TB-/TBR-Baureihe kommt nun auch beim STEIGER® T300 XS zum Einsatz. Die Knöpfe zeigen dem Bediener durch unterschiedliche Farben jederzeit und gut erkennbar den Status an.
The proven jack control stand from the TB/TBR range is now also used on the STEIGER® T300 XS. The buttons using different colours show the operator the status at all times in a clearly recognisable way. Download

More basket load and proven operation 

The basket load has been increased by a further 30 kg to achieve a maximum of 350 kg thanks to the stable new telescope design of the STEIGER® T 300 XS.
The usual working basket from the T range is compatible with other working baskets from the same range. The modern RUTHMANN Cockpit is used, with numerous comfortable functions and real-time readable operating data. It provides the working platform operator with all relevant data at all times. 
The STEIGER® T 300 XS can be equipped with all working baskets of the range, e.g. tree pruning and insulated baskets or with the large 2.10 m wide working basket. As usual by RUTHMANN, this can be carried by 2 persons in just a few steps.  
The proven and robust hydraulic basket rotating device of 2 x 90° is also standard on the T 300 XS.

Multi-chassis concept

RUTHMANN also relies on the multi-chassis concept for the STEIGER® T 300 XS. The working platform can be mounted on different 7.49 t up to 8.6 t chassis from Mercedes-Benz, MAN, or Iveco.

Der neue, kompakte RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 300 XS: 30 Meter Arbeitshöhe und 23 Meter max. Reichweite bei nur 7,59 Metern Fahrzeuglänge.
The new compact RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 300 XS: 30 meters working height and 23 meters maximum outreach for a vehicle length of only 7.59 meters.