STEIGER® T 900 HF world premiere – the countdown is on

Only a couple of more weeks until France’s largest construction equipment trade show – Intermat – gets underway. We have chosen this popular annual venue – held in Paris from April 23-28, 2018 –  to introduce the most innovative aerial work platform the world has ever seen:

our SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF

Equipped with DRS (= Dynamic Reach System) and revolutionary “dual concept design”, our T 900 HF represents a quantum leap in the 90-m truck-mounted aerial work platform category.

With production of the first T 900 HF now completed, this revolutionary new model is ready to be launched.

In order to help shorten the wait time between now and April 23rd – when the T 900 HF makes its world debut in Paris – we have prepared some up-to-date images for you:

Ruthmann Steiger T 900 HF
Make way for our SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF – the world’s most versatile truck-mounted aerial platform in the 90-m category.
Ruthmann Steiger T 900 HF
The STEIGER® T 900 HF The STEIGER T 900 HF is the perfect access platform for wind power installations, construction projects, façade-cleaning assignments, sporting events, petrochemical plants, port facilities and for repair/maintenance tasks on telecommunication towers.

The goal, during development of the T 900 HF, was not to design a work platform with a working height of more than 90 m, but to meet the needs of the market. The primary requirement of customers, and especially operating personnel, is to ensure maximum sturdiness and versatility at the job site.

Our brand-new SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF – currently the most versatile 90-meter, large-scale access platform in the world – fits the bill perfectly.

We have already received four orders for our newest model. Besides Felbermayr (Austria), Hüffermann (Germany) and Joly (France), buyer number 4 is from Turkey.


This SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF® innovation represents a quantum leap in the 90-m working height category. This is the first model that incorporates RUTHMANN’s state-of-the art Dynamic Reach System (DRS) feature. STEIGER® performance capabilities are maximized through real-time, on-board working-range calculations, based on the individual STEIGER® configuration.

An additional groundbreaking feature on the SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF is its revolutionary “dual concept” design. This distinctive attribute enhances the range of application possibilities and with it, the utilization rate.


At our trade-show stand in Paris (outdoor area: E5 H 016) visitors can discover and test the many other innovative features now available on our newest top model.  

Even the work basket on the T 900 HF is an entirely new development…

Paris, here we come! We look forward to celebrating the world premiere of the T 900 HF with you.

Your RUTHMANN team.

Ruthmann Steiger T 900 HF
Mounted onto 5-axle chassis of various 48 – 52 t (GVW) trucks, the T 900 HF scores top marks with its incredible 90-m working height and sensational lateral outreach.