STEIGER® TB 300 - 30 m on 3.5t chassis - RUTHMANN unveils the "bauma Sensation"

In addition to the immensely popular large-scale innovations, the current "bread and butter machines" will also be highlighted once again. Customer requirements and improvement initiatives from RUTHMANNSERVICE were an integral part of the design/development process. The main focal point was on maximizing performance capabilities in the 3.5-t category by focusing on the features from the large-scale series. Compared to previous models, the new TB models now have improved operating speed, increased performance capabilities, enhanced stability, and maximized work-basket load capacity

STEIGER® TB 300 - the new Sensation

An amazing 30-m working height on 3.5 tons – a phenomenon in the workplatform industry. The STEIGER® TB 300 features unparalleled performance capabilities and enormous stability.

A real sensation in the truck-mounted work platform industry:
RUTHMANN creates TB-STEIGER® with a 30-m working height on a 3.5-t chassis

The STEIGER® TB 300 is an entirely new development. Featuring a sensational 30-m working height and 17.1-m reach, the TB 300 on a 3.5-t chassis provides unprecedented performance capabilities. This innovation has an operating capacity that previously had only been available on 7.5-t truckmounted work platforms.
Class B driver's license holders benefit tremendously. The TB 300 will not only complement the previous 30-m, 7.5-t category but possibly replace older, heavier truck-mounted platforms on the market today. With 1.5 meters of additional working height available on 3.5-t vehicles, equipment rental companies can look forward to increased revenues, profits, and a higher ROI (return on investment). This 30-m work platform also scores with its short vehicle length and low height, which greatly enhances agility.

The STEIGER® TB 300 is the undisputed flagship of the “Hi-light Performance“ series. Hi-light stands for RUTHMANN‘s ingenious design and steelfabrication techniques.

RUTHMANN’s innovative steel fabrication methods make it all possible
Steel, stability, and sensational performance capabilities. These are three attributes that define the innovative, new RUTHMANN TB series. This is all achieved through the fundamentally new design/development process and the many technical revisions. New hydraulics on the work basket, internal telescopic cylinders, worm-gear drive on the base frame and work basket, as well as the completely new base-frame and work-basket design, are features that set the “Hi-light Performance“ series apart from the rest. The separate outrigger controls on the base frame are also worth mentioning.

STEIGER® TB 290 pro - the performance Champion

Not just a facelift of the time-tested TB 290 work platform, but a bona-fide new development: new materials, new technology, new work basket and base-frame design, etc. The TB 290 pro can be ordered from RUTHMANN as soon as the bauma 2019 trade show commences.

Enhancing the tried-and-tested – the TB 290 pro

The TB 290 has been the top model in the TB series for almost 2.5 years.
RUTHMANN is now replacing this popular series with the “Hi-light Performance series. The STEIGER® TB 290 pro – with its elaborate design and engineering innovations, designed and developed using RUTHMANN’s latest steel fabrication techniques and calculation methods – offers customers TOP performance capabilities and maximum stability.

Greater height and reach capacity

The working height has increased by half a meter while the reach capacity has been enhanced by a full 1.2 meters backwards and 1.3 meters sideways. Featuring a bona-fide working height of 29 meters, the popular 3.5-ton model is ideal for a wide variety of tasks including gardening/landscaping, buildingfaçade cleaning, and construction/installation assignments. The TB 290 pro remains the perfect choice in the 30-m category.

STEIGER® TB 270 pro - sturdiness that customers depend on

The TB 270 pro features unprecedented reach capabilities. The popular work platform easily exceeds the previous performance capacities and provides stability that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.

Unprecedented reach capacity with the TB 270 pro

With the development of the STEIGER® TB 270 pro, RUTHMANN has broken through the 18-m reach barrier in the 3.5-ton, STEIGER® TB(R) category. With a sensational 18.1 m, operators have 1.7 m of additional reach capacity, compared to the previous model. The lateral outreach of 15 m is another highlight. The vehicle is also more compact – 200 mm shorter to be exact – than its predecessor. This “reach champion” is perfectly suited for rugged, everyday activities.
Various optional extras and chassis to choose from
RUTHMANNs new TB models in the "Hi-light Performance“ series feature sophisticated, state-of-the-art optional extras. The Secondary Guarding System (SGS) is particularly noteworthy. RUTHMANN has always been and will always be fully committed to operational safety at the job site. With the SGS, the operator in the work basket is better protected from becoming entrapped between objects. For more information, please visit:

Mercedes and Iveco chassis are available for the 3.5-t category. Other customer needs (all-wheel drive and/or higher payload capacity) are optionally available on heavier chassis. With chassis such as the HV5 or S7, RUTHMANN focuses on target groups other than equipment rental companies. For these customers, Class B driver’s licenses are not such an important issue. With high payload reserves for tools and materials, with offroad capability for assignments in rough and uneven terrain, RUTHMANN focuses primarily on customers who are active in the construction, municipal, and electric-utility sectors.

Models with identical parts for easy operation and quick repairs

When designing models in the TB series, RUTHMANN engineers immediately recognized the clear advantages of incorporating identical/similar components into the design process. All models in the TB series are based upon a modular-design concept – utilizing as many identical parts as possible. This offers customers and operators significant advantages when it comes to handling, maintenance, repair, and parts availability.

Sold thousands of times worldwide, the TB series has been a “perennial favorite”
in the German manufacturer’s STEIGER® product line since 2002. The new TB Hi-light generation models will greatly enhance the application possibilities for a wide variety of customers. The list of clients includes independent contractors (painters, tree-cutters/pruners, roofers, buildingfaçade cleaners), equipment rental companies, municipalities, electric-utility providers, etc.
RUTHMANN has issued a separate press release detailing the entire TB(R) Hi-light series.

“RUTHMANN lifts the veil of secrecy at bauma 2019”


RUTHMANN HI light Performance Logo
The TB series has a variety of new Hilight models. Hi-light stands for enormous performance capabilities in the lighter 3.5-t category.

In addition to the three new TB innovations, work platform customers from around the world can also look forward to two new TBR models with premium features (see separate press release). RUTHMANNs STEIGER® models with movable jib (RÜSSEL®) also provide more reach capacity, working height, work-basket load capacity, and stability than ever before. For the 3.5-t operator, maximum performance capabilities at the job site is guaranteed.