RUTHMANNSERVICE at its best – 3 in France

New SERVICEpoint in Tulle will be launched by end of the year

Our customers in France will soon have access to even faster, more cost-effective customer service. The reasons for establishing a third SERVICEpoint* in France were obvious: existing SERVICEpoints operating at full capacity and lengthy travel times, especially for assignments in the south.

In addition to the existing SERVICEpoints in Rethel and Nantes, we are now in the process of setting up a new SERVICEpoint in Tulle. The regional responsibilities remain unchanged. Mr. Hogrel will continue to operate in the west, while Mr. Harpin looks after customer needs in the east.

In the autumn of 2018, our RUTHMANN service technician – Sylvain Facon – will assume all responsibilities for our third SERVICEpoint in France – Tulle.  Mr. Facon has years of acquired experience in a variety of sectors, particularly in Service. With the launch of the new SERVICEpoint, he will be able to look after RUTHMANNSERVICE requests in the most efficient way imaginable – in keeping with our motto “friendliness, reliability, and customer orientation!”

The RUTHMANN-France Service team looks forward to the launch in Tulle.


*RUTHMANN SERVICEpoints are a kind of “mobile task force.” With their fully-equipped vehicles, our service technicians can inspect, maintain, and make small repairs to RUTHMANNSTEIGER® and other work platforms, right on the customer’s premises. This minimizes downtime for equipment rental companies and eliminates costly transportation costs.

RUTHMANN Servicepoint Frankreich
By the end of 2018 – New RUTHMANN SERVICEpoint in Tulle
Neuer RUTHMANN SERVICEpoint Mitarbeiter
Sylvain Facon – our person in charge at the new SERVICEpoint in Tulle