World premiere: RUTHMANN presents the compact STEIGER® T 700 HF with 70 m working height and 24.6 m long triple upper boom

With the new STEIGER® T 700 HF, RUTHMANN present a further highlight of German engineering. For the first time at RUTHMANN, the compact machine achieves a working height of 70 m and an outstanding outreach of 41 m on a carrier chassis less than 12 m long.

This development fulfils the market requirement for a compact machine of 70 m with a high lateral outreach for the confined working space. Through the new long triple upper boom, the Up&Over outreach is increased by further 3.5 m in comparison to the T 650 HF. In transport position, the machine is again very compact.

Due to the 1.7 m higher articulation point and the now 24.6 m long upper boom, operations can be carried out in narrow house canyons, e.g. at the rear of buildings which were previously very difficult to achieve in this height class. Together with the highly stable base frame, the extremely robust construction made of high-tech steel in polygonal technology authorises a position inclination of up to 2°.

The lower boom enables an angle of elevation of 83°, so that the machine can be positioned even closer to the building and the outreach be used even more efficiently.

The T 700 HF can be mounted on different carrier chassis and be registered with a GVWR between 32 and 36 tons. Its overall length of only 11.99 m and compact design allows maximum operational flexibility and tight manoeuvring e.g. in city traffic - the STEIGER® T 700 HF is always ready for use.

The proven highflex functions of the RUTHMANN’s HF series also make the T 700 HF an all-rounder for all imaginable situations. The working basket can be rotated by 440°. Working behind obstacles such as pipelines or roof structures is optimally feasible (up, over & back). The 2 m long highflex-RÜSSEL® can be rotated by 220° – still more flexibility for „under and up" works with upright working basket as well as for „up, over and back" works with lowered highflex-RÜSSEL®.

Such as the complete HEIGHTperformance series, the new STEIGER® T 700 HF can additionally be used for underfloor works. Thanks to the movable highflex-RÜSSEL®, it is ideal for bridge inspections up to 17 meters below zero. It achieves 5 m more underfloor outreach as comparable machines.

The powerful highflex working basket of the STEIGER® T 700 HF carries up to 600 kg and can be extended up to a maximum size of 3.82 x 0.97 m – remaining it to be the largest working basket of the market. All highflex positions of the STEIGER® T 700 HF are also possible with the extended working basket and offer thus optimum space for an assembly team, for example. 

Optionally, the  highflex working basket can be equipped with a heatable basket floor, a material winch or a movable folding seat. The T 700 HF is also available with the new Lift-up system offering up to 25 kg more payload. 

Optimised outreach thanks to the optional DRS system

The T 700 HF can, of course, be optionally equipped with DRS. The Dynamic Reach System optimises the outreach under different operating conditions and thus gets the maximum out of the machine for the local conditions.

Different assistance systems are available in order to use the STEIGER® T 700 HF e.g. in case of low soil load capacities, high wind speeds or specified basket loads.

The maximum desired support load can thus be determined through DRS in order to use the STEIGER® T 700 HF e.g. on soils with a low load capacity such as underground car parks.

Furthermore, DRS allows the use of the STEIGER® T 700 HF in case of high wind speeds and optimises the outreach for safe operation.

Additionally, the basket load can be preset. It is thus e.g. possible to pick-up safely heavy assembly parts at great height without endangering the stability of the machine.

Thanks to the DRS system, more outreach and a greater operational flexibility are achieved and valuable operating time is saved.

Proven control system with convenient functions for operation

For its new truck-mounted working platform, RUTHMANN is once again relying on the proven control system which is already used in the complete Heightperformance series. Numerous convenient functions facilitate the daily work, e.g. the fully automatic positioning of the working basket between the jacks for easy access to the working basket. Staff and material can in this way access to the working basket also even in extremely confined spaces.

Also for the STEIGER® T 700 HF, RUTHMANN relies on the multi-chassis concept. The working platform can be mounted on different chassis, e.g. from Scania, Volvo or MAN. 8 x 2 and 8 x 4 drives are available in axle combination 1–3.

Through the linking of the data systems, the pneumatic suspension e.g. of the Scania chassis is automatically lifted when the machine is stabilised. In this way, the supporting plates can be placed easier under the jacks in extreme operating situations.

The new STEIGER® T 700 HF enlarges the RUTHMANN range of the HEIGHTperformance-series and continues its success story. Due to the overall length of 11.99 m, it is just as compact as the successful STEIGER® T 650 HF but offers 3.5 m more upper boom outreach. The triple upper boom assures more manoeuvrability. This makes the STEIGER® T 700 HF very interesting especially for operations in confined spaces in city centres.