World premieres by the truckload at bauma: RUTHMANN presents the new TBR series

Producing innovative new models on a continuous basis, has made RUTHMANN the market leader in the large-scale equipment category. The German manufacturer is now focusing on the ever-popular 3.5-t category – its so-called "bread and butter class." The reasons for the new development are as follows: increased market demand, improvement initiatives from RUTHMANNSERVICE, and current requirements now in place, such as the new emissions standards.
RUTHMANN outperforms the rest with its innovative design concept and state-of-the-art technical and electro-hydraulic revisions. Operators enjoy greater reach capacity, increased working height, and added work-basket load capacity.

STEIGER® TBR 260 – inspiring performance

Stronger and sturdier than ever. The new STEIGER® TBR 260 is a bona-fide power machine.

Due to the new development of the "Hi-light Performance“ series, the TBR 260 has gained incredible performance capabilities, compared to the previous top model in this category. The STEIGER® TBR 260 features a whopping 26-m working height and 17-m reach capacity. This easily exceeds the abilities of the previous model – the STEIGER® TBR 250. The 1.6 m of additional working height and 0.7 m of increased reach capacity can be attributed to RUTHMANN’s brilliant design concept. The basket-load capacity has also increased by a full 20 kg – from 230 kg to 250 kg.

STEIGER® TBR 230 – the all-rounder

The new STEIGER® TBR 230 provides operators with amazing agility at the job site. RUTHMANN’s new development has substantially higher performance capabilities than its predecessor

Compared to the previous model (the TBR 220), the new STEIGER® TBR 230 offers 1.2 m of additional working height and 1.3 m of increased reach capacity. In total, RUTHMANN’s new STEIGER® TBR 230 features an enormous 23-m working height and 17.5-m reach at 250 kg basket-load capacity.

TBR series popular because of their incredible versatility

The TBR STEIGER® models are so popular with a wide variety of different customers because of their movable jibs (RÜSSEL®). The jib design provides a basket rotation angle of 185°. Models in this series are perfect for a wide variety of tasks and for accessing those hard-to-reach places.  RUTHMANN has included the TBR series in its "Hi-light Performance“ range – a new generation of STEIGER® work platforms.
The new TBR 260 and TBR 230 offer greater performance capabilities than the previous tried-and-tested TBR 250 and TBR 220 models. Four simultaneous movements are now possible on the new models. Lifting, swiveling, telescoping, jib (RÜSSEL®) up/down movements, and additional basket rotations can all be controlled from inside the work basket. The basket rotation works electro-hydraulically, responding quickly and smoothly thanks to the worm-gear drive mechanism. Premium steel construction and a new base-frame and basket console design greatly enhance performance and stability at the job site.


Same parts = same operation

The focus on utilizing identical STEIGER® parts ensures easy and intuitive multi-model handling. This also benefits TBR-series operators when it comes to maintenance, repair, and parts availability.


Chassis selection and special equipment for a variety of configurations

TBR 230 customers can choose between Mercedes Sprinter and Iveco chassis. The TBR 260 model is currently available on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis.
Building-façade cleaners, construction contractors, municipalities, traffic-signal technicians, and electric-utility providers will have a wider variety of chassis to choose from in the future. RUTHMANN offers these customers heavier 5-t chassis (with HV outriggers) or 10.5-t chassis (with S-outriggers). These categories are also interesting for customers for whom the benefits associated with the 3.5-t class are not a determining factor. RUTHMANN’s new TBR models in the "Hi-light Performance“ range feature sophisticated, state-of-the-art optional extras. The Secondary Guarding System (SGS) is particularly noteworthy. With SGS, the operator in the work basket is better protected from entrapment hazards. For more information, please visit:

Other optional extras include adjustable spotlights, floor protection, storage containers, marker lights, etc.

RUTHMANN has issued separate press releases for the entire TB(R) Hi-light series.

RUTHMANN lifts the veil of secrecy at bauma 2019


Logo RUTHMANN Hi-light Performance
The TBR series has a variety of new Hi-light models. Hi-light stands for enormous performance capabilities in the lighter 3.5-t category.

RUTHMANN has become the driving force for innovation in the 3.5-t category. For the German manufacturer, changing market conditions are always the motivating factors for performance enhancements. Models in the TBR series – with their improved performance capabilities – exceed current customer expectations. The new generation of STEIGER® models in the 3.5-t category feature increased operating performance and maximized stability and versatility at the job site. With these exciting new models in their fleet, equipment rental companies can look forward to a higher utilization rate. Customers from a wide variety of different sectors can take full advantage of access platforms built for rugged, everyday activities.