The new BLUELIFT B 101 spiderlift - for working heights up to 101 ft


Special features and advantages of the BLUELIFT B 101 spiderlift are top performance data in combination with the probably world’s most compact dimensions in basic position. Up to 101 ft working height and maximal 57.76 ft outreach (at 550 lbs) are at the disposal of the operator. Regarding this new development, the clearance width of 3.8 ft should especially be emphasized. In combination with a clearance height of 6.5 ft, the tracked spider lift can easily pass through each single-leaf industrial door. This is totally unique as the competitors always need a double-leaf door. Due to its important manoeuvrability resulting from the short overall length of only 18.86 ft, the B 101 offers a high advantage regarding usage in winding and inaccessible spaces.


Working height
101 ft (31 m)
Lifting height
95 ft (29 m)
Lateral outreach
56ft 9in (17,3 m)
Total height
6ft 6in (1,99 m)
Total width
3ft 3in (1,00 m)
Total length
21ft 2in (6,45 m)
Basket load
550lbs (250 kg)
Basket size
4ft 3in x 2ft 3in (1,3 m x 0,7 m x 1,1 m)
Range of rotation
Overall weight
10494 lbs (4760 kg)
Ground pressure in working position
37,26 kN
Ground pressure under crawlers
65,30 kN/m²
Travel speed
0.93mph (1,5 km/h)
35 %
Jacking widths
14ft 10in (4,53 m)
Jacking length
15ft 10in (4,82 m)
Combustion engine
Diesel engine Kohler HDW 1003
Electric motor
230 V