Simply unbeatable!

  • 30 m working height
  • 21 m lateral outreach at 100 kg cage load
  • Compact vehicle length of only 8.19 m
  • Multi-bevelled steel boom technology made of ultra-high strength, fine-grained steel
  • Rigid tower remains within the contours of the vehicle at all times
  • Fully-dynamic horizontal/vertical support system made of solid steel
  • Large 1.7 m x 0.86 m  working cage
  • Sturdy, hydraulic cage rotation device 2 x 90°
  • 185° swivelling angle of the RÜSSEL ®  (jib)
  • 320 kg working cage load capacity
  • Information and diagnostic display also in working cage
  • Automatic set-up/retraction mechanism, memory-positioning system
  • and many other innovative features
Working height
30,00 m
Lifting height
28,00 m
21,00 m*
Permissible inclination
Total height
3,56 m
Total length
8,19 m
Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL®
Permissible total weight
7.490 kg
Work basket size
1,70 x 0,86 m
Work basket load capacity
320 kg
Wheelbase carrier chassis
3,90 m
Range of rotation
Driving Licence
C 1/3

* depending on load, angle of rotation and outfit 
** with restriction of performance data

With our STEIGER ® T 300 truck-mounted aerial work platform, we have now completed our T series. The T 300, mounted onto a 7.49 t chassis, features performance that is second to none. It has a 30 m working height and an enormous 21 m lateral reach. The total vehicle length is only 8.19 m while the wheelbase is just 3.9 m. The optimum chassis dimensions make this innovative STEIGER ® model the perfect work platform for rental companies, landscapers, façade cleaners, and craftsmen.

The rigid tower always remains within the contours of the vehicle for maximum traffic safety. As with the other STEIGER ® models in the T and TB series, the tower is easy to operate.

As on the structurally-identical T 330 and T 285 models, the integral part of the STEIGER ® T 300 is the multi-bevelled boom system made of ultra-high strength, fine-grained steel. This gives our new model maximum stability and top performance capabilities.

The T 300 also comes with the time-tested working cage concept.  The cage is roomy with unrestricted mobility. With its impressive 320 kg load capacity, it can accommodate up to 3 workers plus tools and equipment. The sturdy, hydraulic 2 X 90° cage-rotation device and 185° swivelling range of the jib (RÜSSEL ®) provide a high degree of mobility and versatility at the job site. Thanks to the interchangeable cage system, the standard aluminum cage can easily be swapped with the special tree-cutting cage or synthetic cage. The T 300 is perfectly-equipped for every type of assignment.

The T 300.1 also scores major points with its practical support mechanism and fully-dynamic, automatic adaption feature. Depending on the position of the respective outrigger, RUTHMANN’s state-of-the-art electronic control system will automatically allocate the maximum outreach. Even in the most difficult and cramped conditions, the STEIGER ® T 300 can be positioned safely and easily at optimum operating capacity.

The STEIGER ® T 300 can also be positioned on sloped surfaces of up to 5°. This of course means that the unit can still be operated at this inclination. With its enormous outrigger stroke and/or pads, the T 300 is capable of mastering even greater slopes.

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