• 28.60 m working height even with 230 kg max. working basket load
  • 16.20 m outreach with 100 kg working basket load
  • max. performance data on EURO 6 chassis, 3.5 t zGG (permissible total weight) - driving licence class B
  • Multi-sided profile boom technology of high-strength 
  • fine-grained steel with tower, which remains in the
  • vehicle profile whilst it is swivelling
  • sturdy basket rotating device 2 x 85°
  • Horizontal / vertical support in steel design for variable jacking widths
  • short total length of 6.95 m – 3.02 m total height
  • new COCKPIT control with optional information and diagnosis display in the basket
  • Automatic mode for retraction/ positioning and memory function for storing a position on the working object
  • and much more
Ruthmann Steiger TB 290
Celebrating a glamorous world premiere in Hamburg at RUTHMANs premiere exhibition in late October 2016: The STEIGER ® TB 290 as shown on the left. The TB 290 is the most powerful working platform mounted on truck in the 3.5 t segment with a sensational working height of 29 m.
Ruthmannn Steiger TB 290
With our TB 290 we offer aerial working platform rental companies and end users an alternative on a 3.5 t truck mounted aerial platform in the 30 m class for gardening and landscaping, cleaning of buildings and craft etc. Thanks to the TB 290, workspaces can now be reached which were previously only accessible from 7.49 t truck mounted aerial platforms.
Ruthmannn Steiger TB 290
By constructive optimizations, the new TB 290 has 3° more levation angle of the telescopic system than the predecessor TB 270+. The result: 2 m more working height; in addition, the truck can be set up and jacked extremely near to the object.
Ruthmannn Steiger TB 290
Despite a world champion 29 m working height, the new STEIGER ® TB 290 is compact in its sizes. The prototype which is pictured was set up on a EURO 6-sprinter with 3.5 t total weight. RUTHMANN offers by the multi chassis capability diverse carrier vehicle alternatives.


28,80 m
26,60 m
16,20 m*
zulässige Aufstell­neigung
3,02 m
6,94 m
zulässiges Gesamt­gewicht
3.500 kg
1,40 x 0,70 m
230 kg
Rad­stand Träger­fahr­zeug
2,90 m

* depending on load, angle of rotation and outfit
** with restriction of performance data

The new RUTHMANN STEIGER ® TB 290 offers onwards the world’s highest truck-mounted aerial working platform on a 3.5 t chassis. It is the follow-up development of the so far top model STEIGER ® TB 270+. It is still very easy in handling and naturally optimized for vehicles with EURO 6.

With the sensational working height of 28.60 m we offer to aerial working platform rental companies and end users like gardeners, landscapers, cleaning companies and craftsmen a 3.5 t truck-mounted aerial platform as an alternative in the 30 m class.Thanks to the STEIGER ® TB 290, workspaces can now be reached which were previously only accessible from 7.49 t truck mounted aerial platforms.

The RUTHMANN steel construction and calculation expertise makes it possible. The further development of the STEIGER ® TB 270+, which promises two meters more working height with the same outreach, is born of weight savings in the structural steel construction (optimized tower, telescopic boom and basic frame) and additional/ further 3° of the elevation angle of the telescopic system. The last mentioned feature does not only enable more working height. One can set up significantly closer to objects in order to reach the working position. This also reduces the space required for the supported STEIGER ®.

230 kg basket load and the further solid maximum stability qualify the STEIGER ® TB 290 for daily rugged use. Also, because the energy guiding chain is protected within the high-strength high-tech fine-grained steel boom which is multiple folded and has only one weld. And the multiple common parts guarantee a quick training/ briefing, simple operation and ‘smart’ spare parts inventory. The new STEIGER ® TB 290 which has an inclination of up to 5°, can be set up and used in mountainous regions and non-traffic regions – under restricted performance data.

By the interchangeable basket system, you can exchange aluminium and plastic baskets within the current TB(R) classes at will, depending on what is needed. Operation under live lines up 1000 V is possible when the plastic basket is fixed. For electric and power supply companies, this is a ‘must have’.

Chassis factor:
If the permissible total weight of the carrier vehicle is not important for you or your drivers, we can also put the STEIGER ® TB 290 on trucks of up to 6.5 t GVW. This brings much more payload and possibly more durability. Regardless if with or without all wheel drive, but always with EURO 6.

Contact us. Simply by phone, fax or E-mail. We are happy to inform you about the services of our STEIGER ® and will point out the benefits for you!