Approval of RUTHMANN STEIGER®s T 400 for Eurosprzet from Poland

Our Polish customer Eurosprzet has visited our company together with our Sales & Service Partner Windex.
The reason for the visit was the approval of the RUTHMANN STEIGER®s T 400 for Eurosprzet.
Afterwards the truck-mounted working platform was delivered to Poland and was exhibited at the Energatab exhibition. The T 400 is the second machine of our HP series, which Eurosprzet has already purchased from us.

Übergabe STEIGER T 400 (Eurosprzet, Polen)
f.l.t.r.: Marius Wiesmann (Ruthmann), Micha Bohowicz (Windex), Mieczysław Wieczorek (Eurosprzet), Jarosław Katulski (Eurosprzet)



New dimensions are discovered with the RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 400.
The truck-mounted working platform shines with an excellent price-performance ratio and optimum performance data. The T 400 proves its high performance with a reach of 31 metres, optimum upper arm reach and movable RÜSSEL® , which enables working behind objects.

We are thankful for the many years of successful cooperation and the trust they have placed in us.