Selling used machines is a service of RUTHMANN FINANCE!



If you would like to operate your own aerial platform for the first time, are searching for a special-transport truck, starting a new business on a limited budget, or suddenly need to increase your performance output, we are offering you top-quality used machinery.


  • We have decades of experience in this field and offer a large selection of used aerial platforms and special-transport vehicles made by RUTHMANN and other manufacturers 
  • Thanks to our highly-qualified service technicians, the used machinery we sell reflects our commitment to quality and safety (maintenance, emission tests, etc.) documented by uninterrupted maintenance records
  • Expert reconditioning techniques (cleaning and painting) give our used machinery that “as good as new” look
  • We can show you various financing and insurance options and provide top-quality service and maintenance for the machinery you have purchased 
  • Personal consultation and test runs are available. Contact us to make an appointment.
  • Please click here for downloading our brochure.


If you are no longer satisfied with the performance parameters of your existing platform/machinery and would like to sell or trade it in for a  new RUTHMANN product, you have come to the right place.

You will receive an expert appraisal and fair market price for your used vehicle.  Let us make you an offer.